Hello fellow sadists and all other curious folks.

The emotional laden predjudice of words keep so many folks from expressing the magnificant parts of their selves. Sexually and personally “kinky” folks… folks who indulge in the BDSM lifestyle are much more open and inclined to embrace parts of their selves normally deamed “bad/wrong” by parents and society.

Despite the ‘labels’ of bad/wrong around sadism that exist today, multiple images and celebrities emerge and are held up as icons as a result of their sadist nature so vividly displayed on the silver screen… and in our living rooms.

It is incomprehensible that a nation and culture can celebrate sadistic hero’s yet popularly deny and wrong sadism and masochism as practices. Yet, there it is.

I’ve included a couple of my favorite sadistic torture scenes with a bit of narrative.  Enjoy…

Dirty Harry- Scorpio paid to get a beating… wanna play?

One of my two favorite scenes from Dirty Harry… The First:  “Do ya think  you’re luck punk…” and the scene above. 

Dirty Harry has been a cultural icon since  (or likely even before) the first “Dirty Harry” movie in 1971.  Toys, movies, gun replica sales, video games etc… sore worldwide. 

So what’s the facination with this tough guy who doesn’t like to follow the rules and get’s a non-chalant sadistic pleasure from his brutal job?

And what about Jack Bauer.  If you have any sadistic tendencies at all, watch the show 24.  In March of 2007 CNN ran a news story entitled: “Is Jack Bauer teaching torture to the U.S.”.  Human Rights organizations have fought to have “24” banned from television as a “Prime Time Torture Project”.  I’ve included an excellent torture scene provided by one of these organizations… Thanks 🙂

The show “24” ran over 8 seasons for 192 episodes and won 20 Emmy awards.  Popular??  VERY!! 

We sadists get a bad rap… go ahead, I dare ya, tell 10 of your ‘vanilla’ friends or business associates that you are a sadist… or to be safer, ask their thoughts on sadism… then: watch their emotional reaction/s, listen to them… do you  notice where it stirs them in uncomfortable places?  Well, if you are a sadist, you’ll like the show!

Enjoy the short clip, embrace your sadism… have some fun… With safe, sane and consensual permission of course.

Jack Bauer Tortures…it\’s just the way it is

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