Popular definitions of co-dependency would have us believing that it is something that is specific to alcoholism or addiction; that it is some ‘by-product’ of a diseased person or family. It is not. Co-dependency is an inbred part of what we in our Western culture have come to describe as normal…

The rock band Dire Straits sings about our Industrial Disease; (listen below) Pink Floyd has an entire album about how we, as children, are taught to build walls to protect ourselves… instead of being ourselves. (see previous blog post: What Walls Have You Built) And it’s not just the rock bands that are talking about it.

1. Do you have difficulty saying no?
2. Do you make silently hope or make subtle efforts to help your loved ones to change?
3. Are you subject to critical voices in your head at least daily?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then yes, you grew up in America and have taken on some of this social disease. I’m sorry AND there is help. Here, right now you can shed some of that old baggage. You can learn to take it easy on yourself and on those you love.

You, me, all of us were raised to practice co-dependency and that there are ways to be more authentic and loving, if you desire that sort of thing. Whether we are kinky or vanilla, straight, gay, pansexual, hypersexual or anti-sexual… we were raised in the soup of co-dependency in porportion to the level and depth of chauvistic thinking that our families, communities and schools covertly and unknowingly support and supported.

And because WE DO KNOW THIS… it is up to each of us to change it.

Read the article: Co-Dependency – Our Social Disease and learn about the subtle ways unhealthy forms of co-dependency have seeped into your life… then you can change it… a little at a time.


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