Most of us have hobbies… among us kinky folks one of them is likely related to BDSM… Some people collect stamps, others knit or bead, some garden, while some of us collect “toys” or shoes, or weapons. To each their own, so to speak. My Recent Hobbies: Canes and Irish Martial Arts-specifically Bartitusu.

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For years I have enjoyed several ‘hobbies’ that have become part of a lifestyle. Eastern philosophy and healing; healthy eating/living; macrobiotics, body building, martial arts, etc… yes, bdsm and related items included. My most recent fascination is with a weapon called “The Shillelagh”, a 20 or so inch wooden club. From shillelagh I found blackthorn canes, then canes, then canes as weapons… then:

Bartitsu: The Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes

Now it becomes even more fun… compounded and multiplied kind of fun because you see… I LOVE SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!! Why? Well, cuz I like myself so darn much! Sherlock: an insanely curious, eccentric, expert whose hobbies and interests directly coincide with his expertise of “detecting” in the world. My favorite Sherlock actor is Basil Rathbone; I’ve seen all his movies and of course, have the collected works of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Totally F******* Fun!

When I said I had Martial Arts interests, well, throughout my adult life I have trained well in: Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin Kung Fu, Full Contact Fighting (MMA), Hapkido, and Brazilian Ju Jitsu: Weapons: Pugal (USMC), nun-chuck (TKD) and Kali (Stick fighting).

So I find: Bartitsu: The Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes
Required Equipment: A sturdy crook-handled walking stick or 36 inch dowel with any edges smoothed away; fencing mask or similar face/head protection. (Or…a caneJ)

In the year 1899, Edward William Barton-Wright founded Bartitsu as a process of cross-training between walking stick fighting, boxing, savate and jiujitsu. It was the first example of an eclectic self-defense system blending Asian and European combat styles, intended to beat hooligans and street gangsters at their own game.

Ok, I’ll say it again… HOW F*********** FUN!!!

There are particular elements of Living Passionately… you can engage yours…well, if you want to!

Wishing you all a great day! unless you have other plans..

Barititsu in Action vis-a-vis: the newest Sherlock Holmes movie!

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