As a practicing Magician, rituals are part of what we do ūüôā¬† Today I’ll share some magic of synchronicity¬†with you.

Synchronicity¬†or “coincidence” is something that is occurring always as part of our spiritual awakening. From Carl Jung to Dali Lama, to Don Miguel Ruiz, to many a spiritual leader past and present speak of synchronicity.¬† Yes, I’ve written in the past about synchronicity in relation to hobbies, fun and following our whims.¬† And Oh, Us Kinksters are GREAT at following Our Whims!!

My ritual began with My intention of releasing¬†all those things I have accumulated in this lifetime that no longer serve me. A very fitting ritual for a Master ūüôā¬† It started with a formal calling of powers, some narrative related to releasing, letting go and then my beloved cutting about 2 inches of my ponytail off. I distributed the hair in various places I’ve lived over a 2 week period of time.

During all of this, I attended a 3 hour introductory class on “The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka”, an outstanding¬†class¬†that¬†serves for many as a doorway to more intimacy via shamanic/tantric practices. An excellent class it was! I bought the book, started reading it and loving it! 3 days later I get an email: “Jim, we are short two males, will you attend?”.¬† After some thought and conversation I was signed up to start 40 hours of class the next 4 days.

The workshop was (and is) Amazing… personal work, spiritual work, rituals, sweat lodge (my first!)… simply amazing… AND¬† all in service of the original ritual I started back when regarding releasing all that is not useful to me from this lifetime. SYNCHRONICITY!?!?!¬† Oh yeah!¬† What a most amazing ritual…what a most amazing workshop.¬†Not only have I continued the sweat lodge, but have found other entire new paths of learning to incorporate into my life and work.¬† Synchronicity…it’s funny how things go ūüôā

Here’s a link for the book, from the authors website. She offers a tasty free download before you decide to buy it. Check it out, you AND your lovers will be glad you did.

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka

And here’s a recommendation for the book from another :

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. and Author of Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex

‚ÄúThis book is a treasure trove of wisdom and sexuality practices from¬† beginner to advanced.‚ÄĚ

The book is amazing, the training is even better… and that’s just the beginning.

Namaste Great Kinksters,




Greetings Kinky Folks,

Oh Where Has the Time Gone?¬† It’s been months since I”ve been here writing.

As a writer I write when I am inspired to write…. and I’ve written… many articles, a new vanilla website design at By the end of the year I’ll be eliminating the “/home” part.¬† It is a fantastic site, I invite you to visit.

The Site: speaks of things like:

  1. We are spiritual beings here to evolve to be the divine beings we truly are.
  2. That as souls and spirits we Choose to be here: we choose our parents, this particular time, culture, etc…
  3. There are simple ways to know our souls journey, our life lessons and to evolve much more easily than we’ve been taught in the past.

Simple idea’s really… things that have been around for thousands of years… Things our western culture has gravely overlooked; until now. Just like¬†our culture labels ‘kink’ or ‘transgender’; our culture has¬†minimized the role of spirit, of soul and of the feminine¬†to deify¬†the “American Dream”…. which¬†if we don’t turn ourselves around, will continue to look more like the American Nightmare.

I’ve done some great exploring in the last many months, so with winter’s arrival here in the midwest, I’ll be sharing this journey with you.

In the mean time (funny thing for a sadist to say!) Here are¬†2 articles I’ve written that may peak your interest.



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