As a practicing Magician, rituals are part of what we do ūüôā¬† Today I’ll share some magic of synchronicity¬†with you.

Synchronicity¬†or “coincidence” is something that is occurring always as part of our spiritual awakening. From Carl Jung to Dali Lama, to Don Miguel Ruiz, to many a spiritual leader past and present speak of synchronicity.¬† Yes, I’ve written in the past about synchronicity in relation to hobbies, fun and following our whims.¬† And Oh, Us Kinksters are GREAT at following Our Whims!!

My ritual began with My intention of releasing¬†all those things I have accumulated in this lifetime that no longer serve me. A very fitting ritual for a Master ūüôā¬† It started with a formal calling of powers, some narrative related to releasing, letting go and then my beloved cutting about 2 inches of my ponytail off. I distributed the hair in various places I’ve lived over a 2 week period of time.

During all of this, I attended a 3 hour introductory class on “The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka”, an outstanding¬†class¬†that¬†serves for many as a doorway to more intimacy via shamanic/tantric practices. An excellent class it was! I bought the book, started reading it and loving it! 3 days later I get an email: “Jim, we are short two males, will you attend?”.¬† After some thought and conversation I was signed up to start 40 hours of class the next 4 days.

The workshop was (and is) Amazing… personal work, spiritual work, rituals, sweat lodge (my first!)… simply amazing… AND¬† all in service of the original ritual I started back when regarding releasing all that is not useful to me from this lifetime. SYNCHRONICITY!?!?!¬† Oh yeah!¬† What a most amazing ritual…what a most amazing workshop.¬†Not only have I continued the sweat lodge, but have found other entire new paths of learning to incorporate into my life and work.¬† Synchronicity…it’s funny how things go ūüôā

Here’s a link for the book, from the authors website. She offers a tasty free download before you decide to buy it. Check it out, you AND your lovers will be glad you did.

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka

And here’s a recommendation for the book from another :

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. and Author of Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex

‚ÄúThis book is a treasure trove of wisdom and sexuality practices from¬† beginner to advanced.‚ÄĚ

The book is amazing, the training is even better… and that’s just the beginning.

Namaste Great Kinksters,




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  1. Thanks for your kind words Jim. Yep, timing is everything…It was a really a pleasure to meet you and great getting to know you in the Chicago Quodoushka! I am happy to hear so many of you are continuing to get together in great ways, and can’t wait to come back in July for another Q 1, AND a Q2!!! In beauty, Amara

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