Wikipedia: Sadism is the derivation of pleasure as a result of inflicting pain or watching pain inflicted on others.

 Merriam-Webster: delight in cruelty

 Sadism gets a bad rap… It gets a bad rap because it’s one of those “things” in our culture that we “civilized” people are not supposed to have.  Much like many other traits, characteristics or emotions, at some point in history our larger societal values have deemed certain things good and certain things bad.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

We live in a culture supports denial of self.  Early medical professionals and psychologists supported this with the idea of “ego”… that part that needs to develop to keep all the crazy, primal urges and emotions in check.  Well, maybe.  But we intelligent know it all humans decided WHICH urges, emotions and traits were considered “good” (the ones’ that promoted civility per some definition) or “bad”…the one’s many humans thought were scary.

Back to sadism.

I am a sadist.  I get pleasure from watching pain being inflicted or inflicting. I own this about myself. 

Now, if you ask the average “Joe”… are you a sadist, he or she will likely look at you, exclaim loudly: “Why of course not!”… all the while wondering why you would think THEY of all people could be a sadist.

But what about football? Hockey? Wrestling? Boxing? Full Contact Fighting MMA?  Not to mention the innumerable television shows and movies are making millions of dollars that depicting violence, torture, and murder. 

Did you know that in the show “24” there are repeated brutal torture scenes throughout the entire 8 seasons?  And the show won 17 Grammy nominations! 

SO: a show that vividly shows torture over and over lasts 8 seasons and wins awards:

Football is one of the most watched sports in history. And, I must mention: who do you know that goes to Auto Races that is not waiting for the big crash!?

The Origin of the word “Sadism” according to the International Scientific Vocabulary is from the Marquis de Sade, an admitted sexual sadist and writer. Have you ever seen the movie “Quill”? A great depiction of the Marquis in relation to the high demand of his work.  You see, his work was ‘officially’ banned by the government, yet was very popular and widely distributed to the ‘civilized people’.

The maintenance of “image’ related to ego has long become the guiding principle in your culture. Keeping up with the Jones’s, doing the “right” thing; buying the right house, car, dog food… Our culture provides ‘acceptable’ outlets for these urges…

Of course, as long as they’re not ‘really’ talked about…it’s ok.

I urge each and all of you: own your desires, own your urges, call it what it is… stop hiding and come out and play!!!

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